Friday, 7 October 2011

Sophie's first holiday

More videos and pictures...

This was last night, we put Sophie back in her door bouncer as we've not done it for ages. She loves standing, so the bouncer is lots of fun for her. She even worked out how to bounce a little bit!

We've recently come back from our holiday to north Nottinghamshire, where we had amazing weather! It was so hot, it was like being abroad. Luckily Sophie slept through the night still despite it being so warm. Also, she had caught a cold from her friend William, but she still slept well despite that too.

Here is a video of her on the swings. She loves it!

Packing for our holiday...

Walking on our first day of holiday. It was the only day it rained, but it was still fairly warm. We had to shelter her from the wind and the rain. Normally she would have a little sleep in the carrier, but she insisted on staying awake for the entire walk. Once we got home, she was exhausted and had a quick feed before having a nap.It then started raining torrentially! We had got home with minutes to spare otherwise we would have been soaked.

We went to an indoor gold simulator on one of the days. The babies enjoyed a roll about on the floor, chasing a Pepsi bottle and eating a beer mat. They're easily pleased!

Mummy and Emma went to Sundown Adventure Land with the babies. It is a mini themepark for children under 10 years old. Despite the babies being quite young still, we really wanted to go. We had a really great time, and can't wait to go again when they're a bit older.

Riding on a bouncy see-saw thing in a country park

On the last day we went on a boat ride down the river Trent. The weather was still amazing, and it was nice being on the boat, especially as we got a bit of a breeze as we went.

It was all a bit exhausting for Sophie who had a little sleep on the boat...

We had a brilliant holiday, but it went so quickly. We were so lucky with the weather and the cottage we stayed in was gorgeous and spacious enough for the babies.

And finally, this was the video we tried to upload for the last post... it is her new game in her shiny new Ikea highchair. Look at the anticipation in her eyes!!