Wednesday, 28 December 2011

My first Christmas

Sophie has now enjoyed her first Christmas. She was very good with not destroying the Christmas tree despite it being up since early December, and she used the presents under the tree to climb on rather than try to open. Her favourite present under the tree was the amazon box sent by her cousins Jo, Jac and Marty. It was the first thing she used to stand up by herself. She also loved opening and closing the flaps of the box all the time. She liked the presents inside too, but the box kept her entertained for such a long time!

As a result of the amazon box she is now standing up at every oportunity, and now getting up using the sofa, coffee table, TV table, fire guard, baby walker and whatever else she can  climb up on. She hasn't quite learnt how to get back down again so she'll quite often stand up at the TV and then cry as she is stuck.

On Christmas day our  friends came for dinner and brought Sophie's friend William to play and join us and Uncle Matt. William and Sophie had a nice time together playing with each others toys.

We didn't open presents until nearly midday as Sophie's routine is to go back to bed for a nap not long after breakfast, and with all the dinner preperations being done in the kitchen it was hard to fit in present unwrapping. After quite a long time of Sophie fighting her afternoon nap, she came back downstairs and joined in Christmas dinner with everyone except William who was having his nap. She enjoyed some turkey, cranberry, sprouts and other veggies. We've saved her a few more meals worth of food in the freezer so she'll be enjoying Christmas dinner for a while yet!

It was a very exhausting day for her though, despite her naps she was really tired at bedtime, but she couldn't sleep so she came back down for some cuddles before going to bed later than usual.

On boxing day her grandparents and Uncle Rob came to visit which was another exhausting day for Sophie. It's all a bit much opening all these presents and seeing all these people! She did well though and got some really nice things. She especially likes the farmyard that Uncle Rob bought her.

Who needs a drum set when you have a hammer and a Roses tin??

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My busy month of December

Forget crawling, walking is what we need to practise!

Not satisified with just crawling, we now have a bay who climbs up onto everything and has even managed a bit of walking with the aid of her Vtech baby walker which she loves! The baby walker has lots of buttons on it which she loves to play with all the time.

She is doing really well at nursery but it's a shame she is so tired when we bring her home in the evening and has to go to bed for an hour to recover! She is eating really well at nursery and enjoying playing with all their toys.

Sophie has just got her first tooth! She didn't suffer too badly with the teething, but she was waking up every few hours through the night which we put down to her being poorly with a bad nose and cough. When she cried it was more like she couldn't get back to sleep because of her cough rather than teething pain.

I had my Christmas party at nursery. Mummy and Daddy dressed me in a really pretty dress. I am looking forward to wearing it again at Christmas. Santa came to my Christmas party and gave me a present and a bag of chocolate buttons.

So now I have my very first tooth I can brush it all by myself!!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Crawling pro!

After a couple of weeks of practice we now have a crawling pro who likes to explore, going from the front room to the kitchen. She is picking up speed!

She had her first day at nursery today and did very well considering she has been feeling a bit poorly for the last few days. She made it until 4pm when she needed some Calpol. She ate all of her food at nursery, came home and had a big sleep then had a load of food. Today on the menu at nursery was Weetabix for breakfast. Morracan Lamb with vegetable cous cous followed by treacle tart and custard for lunch then Jacket Potato for tea. Then when she came home she had a chicken dinner! Considering she has had no appetite for the last few days we were very suprised she ate so much.