Thursday, 28 June 2012

Olympic torch and Daddy's birthday

Another post with bits and bats:
Me and Stanley the Snail. I am able to rock myself and also sometimes climb on and off him myself!

We went to see the Olympic Torch coming to Morley
  as part of the relay across the UK. There were lots of people lining the streets and there were lots of people blowing whistles and waving flags. We were lucky that the weather was decent as we have had a lot of rain recently. We had already seen the torch in September 2011 when Sophie was 6 months old. It was in a school hall and everyone could have photos with it then.

Standing in the road! Not often we will let her dance in the middle of the road! When the procession came through before the torch bearer came there were the Coca Cola and Samsung sponser trucks playing music. Sophie had a little dance as she loves music and likes to dance along.

Sophie loves to hide behind legs and peep through.

The torch finally made it and we were lucky enough to be standing right near where they lit the next torch too.

Some Photos from Daddy's Birthday
 We had a fun day, Sophie went to nursery in the morning while Mummy and Daddy worked then we all had the afternoon off and went to the park, then for a walk in the woods and up a really steep hill to a museum. Sophie had lots of fun walking round the museum and playing with the toys thy had for children. There was an African music section which was lots of fun and also African toy animals to play with too. We then went for a coffee while Sophie had a sleep in the pram and finally we went for an Indian buffet. It claims to be the biggest Indian resturant in the world..... It was pretty big!

Looking at the birdies... She liked seeing the birds on the lake next to the playground

And pointing to the birds


She is having lots of fun being able to walk about more but she is still falling over quite a bit.

We let her have a ride on the Clifford car. She had more fun before we put money in!

Waiting for naan bread in the Aakash in Cleckheaton (biggest Indian restuarant in the world apparently). Mama tried to give her some Khari as she didn't think it was spicy. Unfortuantely Sophie hated it and cried a lot! she likes Naan, Popodums, Aloo Pakoras and the fruit salad there though.

Hi Guys, we have been a bit slack recently, so this is going to be a mega post.  All Andrea's fault obviously!

Loads of Photos.....Just in case you haven't seen them, some cute ones from the Rudds' Wedding....

Mmmmm, chicken nugget!


Some cute ones from the Williams' Wedding

Me and Raphy Roo thinking about smooching.

Daddy telling me one of his boring stories!

Me and my 2 South Yorkshire BFs

Mmmm, beige food!

Deep in contemplation....

Raphy Roo being a gent and getting that stain off my dress.

"Daddy, can I have one of these when I get married?"

Fairburn Ings - May

One weekend we all went out to an RSPB place near Castleford, weather was proper scorchio.  We did not know it at the time, but Sophie had Impetigo and hand, foot and mouth, which is why she is all spotty!

Checking out for birds.

Looking for Kingfishers, unsuccessfully.

Looking for Swans.


Some more random ones to clear out of the archives for you.

Me and daddy out in the garden watering the mint.  I am just about walking properly here.

I'm coming to get you....

Random order, but this was us going to the Science Musuem in Manchester for Soph's bday with Grandma and Granddad.

Me and my cousin Kaden, giving me a push.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

New skills

Sophie has been busy learning lots of new things. Added to her list of words she understands are: feet, hair, tummy, nose, light, clock, ball and Jingles. All the important words!!

She has also been busy learning to walk and she is getting much better. She took her first steps at a wedding on 12 May (aged nearly 14 months) and since then her confidence has been growing and she has been walking more and more. Watch out world!!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birthday girl

With Sophie's first birthday coming up, she has been celebrating her birthday with her friends this weekend. We went to a play centre in Bradford on Saturday that has lots of space for babies and toddlers, so was the perfect place to see all her friends and ensure that her Grandparents could come too.

We were lucky that despite her being unwell all week, she manged well at her party. She had a mega long sleep in the morning and woke up in time for some dinner and then to play.

 Making music with Uncle Rob

 Playing with Nicki

 Sweet Raphael

 William and his two lovely ladies, Sophie and Nicki

 Family picture with a tired birthday girl

 Blowing out the candle on the cake. Thanks to Daddy Pig who decorated the cake, it took hours!!!! Hopefully next birthday will be easier to make a cake for.

The cake before it was demolished. It was very delicious!

We have lots of presents to save until the day as she is a very lucky baby with lots of people who care about her.

She is looking forward to her birthday when we will not be at work and we'll spend the day seeing the animals at Tropical World and then go for a meal together. Hopefully it will be a sunny day so she can play outside on her main birthday present....

Happy birthday Sophie!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Long time no blog

Having lots of giggles with Dada!

Sophie showing off her new toy, she loves the xylophone! She's also getting good at "ta" and is keen to give you even her favourite toy when you ask for it!

We had snow at the begining of Feb so this was the first time Sophie got to experience the snow. We took her out in the street before all the neighbours got to work clearing the street. It was fun, but will be even better nezxt year when she can get more involved.

What else has she been up to? Well, her walking using the furniture and her walker is coming along nicely, but she still wont stand without assistance yet, not that that is a bad thing. She is continuing to do very well at nursery, she is well liked by the staff who look after her and she has been enjoying the food there.

It was her friend's birthday last weekend so she enjoyed the party at a soft play centre and enjoyed the contents of the party bag - raisins, little cakes and some little rubber ducks for the bath. She is going to another party tomorrow for another friend, her social life is very good.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Chicken Pox again!!!

Oh no, it has happened again, we have the second dose of Chicken Pox. Just when we were celebrating her having it so young before Mama went back to work here we are again with being in quarantine whilst it clears!
We are very lucky that she is not itchy and not grumpy. Last time she had them she wasn't itchy either, but she did have a fever, was tired and grumpy. This time you wouldn't know she was ill other than all those spots!
We're having a week at home although will hopefully venture out for a walk and a play on the swings if the weather is OK.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hi everyone, just a quick post here.  Lil Soph has been practising how to talk and has learnt how to say Dad and Dad da.  I have been trying for ages to get some good footage for you, but this is the best I've got so far....

Mummy Says: "excuse the snotty nose and look out for the tooth!'