Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hi Guys, we have been a bit slack recently, so this is going to be a mega post.  All Andrea's fault obviously!

Loads of Photos.....Just in case you haven't seen them, some cute ones from the Rudds' Wedding....

Mmmmm, chicken nugget!


Some cute ones from the Williams' Wedding

Me and Raphy Roo thinking about smooching.

Daddy telling me one of his boring stories!

Me and my 2 South Yorkshire BFs

Mmmm, beige food!

Deep in contemplation....

Raphy Roo being a gent and getting that stain off my dress.

"Daddy, can I have one of these when I get married?"

Fairburn Ings - May

One weekend we all went out to an RSPB place near Castleford, weather was proper scorchio.  We did not know it at the time, but Sophie had Impetigo and hand, foot and mouth, which is why she is all spotty!

Checking out for birds.

Looking for Kingfishers, unsuccessfully.

Looking for Swans.


Some more random ones to clear out of the archives for you.

Me and daddy out in the garden watering the mint.  I am just about walking properly here.

I'm coming to get you....

Random order, but this was us going to the Science Musuem in Manchester for Soph's bday with Grandma and Granddad.

Me and my cousin Kaden, giving me a push.

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