Friday, 23 September 2011

Clear out of the Camcorder

Daddy brought this home from his travels.  Its Stanley the Snail, Sophie goes on one at a baby group, so when Daddy saw this he got it for her.  Look at her face!

We should have more videos but they wont upload for now... so we'll try again another time.
We're off on holiday for a week, so will probably have more after then.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hindu wedding, Northampton Scarecrows and Olympic Torch

It has been a busy old time for Miss Sophie recently. Despite not yet having any teeth come through yet, her teething symptoms have stopped for the last week, after four weeks of horrible crying and being miserable all the time.

She is about a month into weaning and now enjoying a lot of food. She is a little piglet most of the time and suprises us how much she eats. She had a week or so where she was off food totally, but she was feeling under the weather that week so not suprising really.

Sarah had her 30th birthday party, with a 70s theme, and we had to risk interfering with Sophie's routine so that we could go. She didn't get much sleep and for the following week was a little terror as she was tired, and not feeling very well, but it was nice for her to be involved in the party.

This weekend we went to Bhavin and Nimisha's wedding in Northampton which meant buying a pretty Sari for Mummy and a gorgeous dress for Sophie. Sophie was in a lovely mood all day and enjoyed plenty of cuddles from friends.

We quite like this family picture:

On the way home we stopped off at a Scarecrow festival in the village we were staying in, there were apparently 200 scarecrows in the village, a lot of them were really good! It was lovely weather and it was nice strolling around looking at them all. If we had more time it would have been good to stop for a cake and cup of tea, but we wanted to get home in time for bedtime for Sophie.

These Mr Men scarecrows were pretty good:

 And Peppa Pig scarecrows....

The scarecrow festival was made even better by the fact the Olympic Torch was there on display in the local school and they were allowing people to have their picture taken with it. Sophie squealed in delight as she got to feel the torch! The picture shows how happy she is!