Friday, 23 September 2011

Clear out of the Camcorder

Daddy brought this home from his travels.  Its Stanley the Snail, Sophie goes on one at a baby group, so when Daddy saw this he got it for her.  Look at her face!

We should have more videos but they wont upload for now... so we'll try again another time.
We're off on holiday for a week, so will probably have more after then.


  1. Dear Sophie, we liked your Stanley Snail very much!
    Love you Sophie,
    from Marty
    Who was echoing Ronnie's voice saying "Hiya"!!
    Marty suggested she was at the sandpit!! Might have been the rug on the floor, that looked like sand!
    (He also watched it and halfway through said "My Mama" which he sometimes says if I'm holding another child, so maybe he thought I'd gone to play with Soph?)
    Thanks so much, she's a darling!

  2. Oh gorgeous! We would come and play if we were nearer.

    Enjoy your holiday.

    Alastair & Jean