Sunday, 11 March 2012

Birthday girl

With Sophie's first birthday coming up, she has been celebrating her birthday with her friends this weekend. We went to a play centre in Bradford on Saturday that has lots of space for babies and toddlers, so was the perfect place to see all her friends and ensure that her Grandparents could come too.

We were lucky that despite her being unwell all week, she manged well at her party. She had a mega long sleep in the morning and woke up in time for some dinner and then to play.

 Making music with Uncle Rob

 Playing with Nicki

 Sweet Raphael

 William and his two lovely ladies, Sophie and Nicki

 Family picture with a tired birthday girl

 Blowing out the candle on the cake. Thanks to Daddy Pig who decorated the cake, it took hours!!!! Hopefully next birthday will be easier to make a cake for.

The cake before it was demolished. It was very delicious!

We have lots of presents to save until the day as she is a very lucky baby with lots of people who care about her.

She is looking forward to her birthday when we will not be at work and we'll spend the day seeing the animals at Tropical World and then go for a meal together. Hopefully it will be a sunny day so she can play outside on her main birthday present....

Happy birthday Sophie!!