Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My busy month of December

Forget crawling, walking is what we need to practise!

Not satisified with just crawling, we now have a bay who climbs up onto everything and has even managed a bit of walking with the aid of her Vtech baby walker which she loves! The baby walker has lots of buttons on it which she loves to play with all the time.

She is doing really well at nursery but it's a shame she is so tired when we bring her home in the evening and has to go to bed for an hour to recover! She is eating really well at nursery and enjoying playing with all their toys.

Sophie has just got her first tooth! She didn't suffer too badly with the teething, but she was waking up every few hours through the night which we put down to her being poorly with a bad nose and cough. When she cried it was more like she couldn't get back to sleep because of her cough rather than teething pain.

I had my Christmas party at nursery. Mummy and Daddy dressed me in a really pretty dress. I am looking forward to wearing it again at Christmas. Santa came to my Christmas party and gave me a present and a bag of chocolate buttons.

So now I have my very first tooth I can brush it all by myself!!

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