Tuesday, 15 November 2011

long time no blog

It has been a long while since the last blog post, mainly because every time we try to upload a video it fails!
Last month we went to Paula and Lee's wedding. Sophie was a little star all the way through, and went home at bedtime with Grandma and Grandad while Mummy and Daddy stayed out a bit later
She grabbed a fascinator from the Groom's Mother, doesn't she look sweet?

Sophie had her first bonfire night, which is also her cousin Kelton's birthday. She was wearing the hat that her Grandma had knitted for her. She liked the fireworks and didn't cry at all.

Ooooh fireworks....

But as nice as the fireworks were, she picked up Chickenpox from her cousin Kaden. Poor spotty baby! On the plus side, Mummy brought her a new In the Night Garden toy to play with! She has been not too bad with the pox, just needed to sleep more, and felt a bit grumpy. We were lucky that she caught it before Mummy goes back to work.

Today is Sophie's 8 month birthday. Every month we take a photo of her next to her Piglet. She's getting bigger! Looks like we'll need to lower her cot now as she has just started to climb up on the edge. Look at that smile.... I'm not really poorly!!


  1. She's gorgeous, spots or not spots! Looks like her Dad in a couple of those shots (but isn't that a contradiction in terms??). Sorry, Ronnie.

  2. OMG how time has flown!!!