Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I like eating

Sophie's teething problems have been much less after 4 days of screaming, it is now just the occassional whine.

Meanwhile she has been enjoying her food, but seems to be extra hungry these days and demanding more food and milk and been getting up in the night for milk more than normal.

So far mainly been on baby rice, baby porridge, carrot, carrot and swede, marrow and a tiny bit of banana. We're trying to start on the veggies before the fruit, so we've got some spinach to try, then maybe peas, sweet potato and then onto the sweet stuff!

 Above and Below: Enjoying first taste of carrot

Above and Below: Marrow before and after!! She sneezed a few times whilst eating her marrow, which we had made a bit watery so it went everywhere!!


  1. Aaw so cute, it looks like she's done the world's biggest sneeze

  2. Good to hear the screaming has gone away. She looks lovely, and I see that rather direct look that her Mum had at that age!