Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Start of Something New....

Righto, well sometime ago Andrea had her own blog, but it fizzled out after a while.  Now its the start of something and this blog is here to show you the adventures of Miss Sophie as she goes about growing up, mostly from the perspective of a grumpy young man!

We have missed a bit though as this blog is only starting now, so here is some potted highlights from the last 4 months.

This is the girls laughing and squealing the other night before bed.....where are my ear plugs.


And after....

At hospital only a few days old

Grandparents before she left hospital at 3 days old

Three Mummies who were friends together at work....

..... First edition of the the 3 Amigos. William, Sophie and Nicola all born within 4 weeks of each other.

Great Uncle and Aunt at 6 weeks old

Soph and her friend Piglet at 3 months old

Sophie at 4 months old

Family picture at Sophie's friend William's Christening, about 4 months old

At Monk Bretton Priory in Barnsley on Mummy's Birthday

My first Curry, a biranyni and Chicken Tikka Bhuna yum yum. She wasn't really eating it, but it always seems to the case that she is fine sat by herself until the food arrives and then she wants attention!

My first time at a beach, we went to Sacrborough. Daddy was working over there, and after he finished we went to the beach.

The latest pic of the 3 Amigos. Sophie aged 4 and a half months.

One of my favourite but scary toys, my activity centre.  I'm not as scared of it any more! I like playing with it now!


  1. Just what I needed on a wet Saturday morning! What a cutie.

    Good to hear that she likes the water.

    We'll look forward to more instalments!

  2. Argh, that little lady is SO cute!!!
    I mean seriously cute (what and she's related to me as well????) how lucky is that?
    Marty loves watching her in these clips except he gets a bit worried when she cries.
    Keep us posted with more news soon,
    Love from Tasmania,
    Jo, Jac and Roo

  3. Excellent Blogging guys, Sarah and me look forward to your updates! xx